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Cerro El Doblado (ca. 2670m).

1. Cara Este
2. Filo Norte

This peak is a small “bump” in the ridge between El Ñato and Grande. The 1916 Sociedad Científica Alemana expedition led by Alfredo Kolliker was responsible for the naming of this peak. It is also known as Cerro Cuerno or Cuerno Blanco. The 1958 Trentinian expedition that accomplished its first ascent attempted to change its name to Cerro Trento, but the original name stuck.


1. Cara Este

Catullo Detassis, Cesare Maestri and Marino Stenico (Italy), 5/2/1958.

Description. Climbs the east face.

History. After tagging the summit Detassis, Maestri and Stenico descended the south face and traversed along the ridge to do the first ascent of Cerro Grande via its north face. Somewhere along the ridge they passed a very small summit that they christened Cerro Paganella (2450 m aprox). They reversed their route of ascent, re-climbing Doblado, reaching their camp at the plateau 18 hours after having departed.

Approach. Glaciar Grande Superior to paso Doblado.

Descent. Reverse the ascent route.

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Photos (click to enlarge)

Cerro Doblado, Cerro El Ñato y Cerro

Adela Sur - east face

2. Filo Norte

Walter Bonatti and Carlo Mauri (Italy), 7/2/1958.

Description. A short snow hike from paso Doblado.

History. This was the forth of several summits that Bonatti and Mauri climbed while making an impressive traverse from Adela Central to Cerro Grande and Punta Luca. See Travesía del Cordón Adela for more details.

Approach. Glaciar Grande Superior to Paso Doblado (Ñato-Doblado).

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Cerro Doblado, Cerro El Ñato y Cerro

Adela Sur - east face

Cerro Adela Sur, Cerro El Ñato, Cerro

Doblado y Cerro Grande,- west face

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