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Update: last updated on 05/08/2010.

Aguja de la Silla - Northwest face

1. Filo Este

250m 6a C1

Horacio Bresba (Argentina) and Pedro Lüthi (Switzerland), 21/2/1989.

Description. This was the first ascent route. It climbs five pitches, first on the north face then on the east ridge. The technical climbing starts at the col between a small Gendarme and the tower itself, just south of the start for the Californian route on Fitz. A 50-meter long pitch leads up good cracks on the north face, to a recess on the crest. From this point stay left (south) of the crest all the way to the summit blocks that are reached after three easy pitches. The first one of these is climbed via a chimney on the east side and the second up a wide crack on its south side.

History. Pedro also made the first ascents of Aguja Bifida and of the south summit of Guillaumet. He came close to making the first ascent of Standhardt as well. He lived in Argentina for over 20 years and was a very strong influence on many young climbers. Now he is living back in his home town of Saint Moritz, but plans to return to Argentina when the world goes up in flames, which if Pedro’s predictions are correct should happen sometime soon (for those that havent noticed the big flame up is well in its way).

Approach. La Brecha de los Italianos to the Col de los Americanos.

Bibliography. Club Andino Bariloche-Revista 1989/21 p. 32-34; AAJ 1990 p. 206. Annales GHM 1990 p. 53.

Photos (click to enlarge)

Silla northwest face

Aguja de la Silla northwest face

Silla northwest face

Aguja de la Silla southeast face

Silla northwest face

Aguja de la Silla southeast face

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