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Update: last updated on 05/08/2010.

Aguja Poincenot - Southeast face

17. Bagual Bigwall

750m 6c A3+

Makoto Ishibe and Alexandre Portela (Brazil), Mike Schwitter and Andy Magg (Switzerland), 20-22/2/1995.

Description. Climbs a steep and imposing line left of the E pillar to reach obvious dihedral after which it joins the Sperone degli Italiani route. Some danger of falling ice in pitches 7 to 10. Count on 4 to 6 days to repeat this route. 20 pitches total.

History. Upon joining the Sperone degli Italiani route the first ascensionist were forced to retreat due to bad weather. They completed the route using fixed ropes which were placed over a month and a half period. Bagual means wild horse in argentine slang.

Approach. Laguna Sucia and Glaciar Río Blanco Superior.

Descent. Descend the same route.

Bibliography. AAJ 1995 p. 216-217; AAJ 1996 p. 236; High magazine 154 p. 7; Annales GHM 1994-95 p. 55; Vertical magazine 80 p. 31; Revista Alta Montaña 3, p. 18-19.

Photos (click to enlarge)

Aguja Poincenot

Aguja Poincenot east face

Aguja Poincenot

Aguja Poincenot southeast face

Aguja Poincenot

Aguja Poincenot southeast face

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